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Sweat 6X More! Trim Your Waistline By 4 Inches & Get A Flatter Tummy In Just 2 Weeks! 

  • Sweat your way to healthy weight loss!
  • Heat up your core to burn excess fat
  • Flatten your belly, sculpt your buttocks & thighs
  • Non-breathable internal fabric for “sauna-like” effect
  • Trendy design, easy to pair with any tops or shirts
  • Perfect for zumba, pilates, yoga & any type of workout.
  • Water-proof, antibacterial, light as a feather 

Lose Weight the EASIEST & FASTEST Way Possible! 

Are you tired of diets that don't work? Tired of difficult exercises? Tired of spending countless hours at the gym & not lose weight?

Well, give yourself a break! Relax & still shed off pounds with Thermo pants. It offers a 'lazy' way to flatten your tummy & reduce your waist size by up to 4 inches in just 2 weeks! 

Burns Fat 55% Faster Than Any Other Slimming Pants!

The key is in the innovative Thermo Flex Dual Layer Technology that increases body heat when the fabric comes in contact with your skin.

The internal thermic layer allows you to sweat more while the external thermic layer absorbs the sweat, keeping the garment dry & preventing moisture from getting through while you sweat & achieve the slender physique that you want. 

Flatten Your Tummy

The wide, high rise waistband was designed to provide compression to your abs while simultaneously delivering a 'sauna-like' effect that literally melts the fat deposits. The EFFECT? You shed water weight & get a flatter tummy!

Neoprene is the same material used in making dive suits. It hugs your skin so the pants accentuate your waist line, your buttocks & thighs. 

Transform Your Daily Activities Into a Workout!

You can wear the Thermo pants every day for all of your activities. This Neoprene sweat pants increases your body's thermal activity to make you sweat 4 times more & burn those unwanted fat.

Alternatively, you can take it to the gym to double the effect of your workout! You will sweat 6 times more if you wear it while working out or exercising outdoors!

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