Siphon Life-Pen™ - Multi-Function Tactical Self Defense Pen

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  • Excellent self defense tool, no need to carry a gun!
  • Made from super strong, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • Glass breaker can be used to shatter windshield for quick escape
  • LED flashlight that's 10X brighter than regular pen lights
  • Used by police officers, military personnel, & emergency responders 
  • Perfect gift idea for ANY occasion 

FEEL SAFE with this SELF DEFENSE TOOL in Your Pocket

We are living in a dangerous world. Can you, your wife or daughter defend yourselves with this pen? Absolutely!

Siphon Life-Pen™ is an excellent companion to keep in your car to check off your grocery list, or get you out of a tight situation.  

Make no mistake, a gun is the best weapon for self-defense. But you don't need one when you can use a tool that is equally effective in protecting yourself against the bad guys out there. It's perfectly legal to carry too! 

Glass Breaker...Don't Get Trapped in Your Car...

Worldwide, there are 3,287 car accident fatalities a day. About 25% of those unfortunate people died because they could not get out of their vehicles on time.

If you're trapped in a car accident and the only way out is to break the window, this pen could be your only help. The Siphon Life-Pen™ comes with a tungsten steel tip that can smash through glass like butter.  

This pen allows you to escape without needing to kick or punch your way out (which can result in serious injury). Instead, grab the pen and swing to instantly shatter the glass pane

Never Grope in the Dark, The Siphon Life-Pen Doubles as a Tactical LED Flashlight!

The Siphon Life-Pen™ is small enough to fit in your pocket yet its built-in LED flashlight is bright enough to light up an entire room! Rated at 100 lumens, Siphon Life-Pens' LED is 10X brighter than ordinary pen lights.

Rugged, Lightweight and Built to Last...

From the moment you first hold it, you’ll know. This versatile pen is made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. The last thing you need to worry about is a cheap plastic pen failing when you need it in a critical situation. Invest in tactical quality gear that can withstand a disaster! 

Breakdown/Illustration of Parts & Respective Uses:

Don't Take Our Word For It. Here are What Customers Have to Say About The Siphon Life-Pen™    

Paul Stefania (March 28, 2019)

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This Pen Packs a Punch!

"The pen writes smoothly and has a comfortable grip. Beyond that, the construction is solid, but still light weight. The pointed tip is nice because if you are using the flashlight to find your way, your natural grip means it is ready to use in self defense, if needed. Hopefully, it will not come to that. It even has a bottle opener so you can enjoy a cold one! This is a perfect gift for both men and women. Happy with my purchase and I highly recommend this product."

Alexander Smith Jr. (April 3, 2019) 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Pretty useful stuff. You'll love it for sure.

"Really cool pen/tool for a gift. I checked out a couple other tactical pens, but this one looked like it has the best quality. I was really surprised how bright the flashlight is and the built-in bottle opener is pretty clever. I’m keeping this one on my wish list for a father’s day gift later this year!" 

Steve Vasquez (April 08, 2019) 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ For the money you cant beat this pen 

"This is a very good product. I bought a traditional safety tool for my wife's car and it was large and bulky. She needed to stash it in the glove compartment or center console. When I saw the Siphon Life-Pen I bought it for my car. Outside of the fact it is very cool looking, it is so nice to have such a tool that clips onto my sun visor where in the event of an accident or need it is small and right there. The pen works well and the flashlight is very bright. For the price you can't beat it." 

Eduardo Carbajal (April 12, 2019) 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Amazing gift from my wife.

"This was a birthday gift from my wife. I love it! The super bright light, hidden tools, impressive writing pen, and the tactical point / window breaker, are all features I feel safe & secure with! This pen is helpful in gun free zones, & could even improve on close quarters attacks! Couldn't ask for more."       



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