Sakai™ – Japanese Hand Forged 9-Inch Fixed Blade Culinary Knife Made With 5CR High Carbon Steel

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At Last...A Ruthlessly Sharp & Durable Knife That's Guaranteed To Last A Lifetime And Retain It's Sharp Edge!


This heavy-duty Japanese precision knife is all you need to feel like a champion in the kitchen or in the outdoors. The Sakai™ was voted as 2018's best cooking knife.

  • Sharpness: Natural knife grinders and repeated hammering blacksmith techniques have insured maximum long lasting sharpness
  • Free Sheath Included: Comes with a beautiful case to keep your knife protected at all times
  • Hand Forged: This exclusive knife was forged by hand and heat treated using Japanese blacksmithing techniques
  • Blade: The durable and resistant blade will stay tough and easily stand the test of time due to it’s 5CR high carbon hammered steel. 
  • Robust & Durable Handle: full-tang & ergonomically designed. Moisture, heat & impact resistant
  • Versatility: Can be used to slice through anything in the kitchen and the outdoors
  • Durability: The 5CR steel used is superior to the customary materials used with mechanical manufacturing of knives.

The Sakai™ is hand forged with artisan blacksmith techniques that date back over 2000 years ago. The steel is forged and hammered until it produces a sharp and durable blade that is guaranteed to last a lifetime. The quality of this knife is second to none and it’s corrosion resistance. 

Every home cook, professional chef, and culinary student pride themselves on having a superior quality knife. Breaking down cuts of meat or trimming fat starts off with a sharp and durable knife!

Each blade goes through an extensive quality assurance process. It is tested to ensure it will exceed your expectations.

The blade of the Sakai is made for extra control and durability while keeping a  razor-sharp edge. This graceful blade cuts with precision and produces the perfect cut every time. The edge keeps you from shredding or tearing the meat. Unlike other knives, because of its sharpness, there is no need for added pressure while butchering meat. 

The Sakai is useful for trimming the fat from meat, making fine slices of boneless fish and meat, or skinning fish. 

The full-tang curved handle is made of high-quality red wood that is ergonomically designed to fit in your hand comfortably for easy use perfectly. The handle is finished with three silver mosaic pins.

It comes with a rugged leather case to keep your knife safe from the elements when using it outdoors.

Your beef brisket is waiting to be sliced! 
Order the Sakai today and create your next masterpiece meal.

Additional Details 

Total Length: 9.6 in ( 24.5 cm )
Blade Length: 5.2 in ( 13.1 cm )
Handle Length: 4.5 in ( 11.4 cm )
Blade Width: 1.9 in ( 4.8 cm )
Blade thickness: 0.2 in ( 0.50 cm )
Weight: 0.87 lb ( 395 g )
Hardness: 58 HRC
Blade Material: High Carbon Steel
Handle material: Full Tang Steel Integrated Rosewood with Screws 

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