Outdoor camping emergency tent
Outdoor camping emergency tent

Outdoor camping emergency tent

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Construction situation: need to build
Spatial structure: one bedroom
Style features: wild survival, ultra-light, cycling, adventure, winter fishing, windproof, waterproof, cold, warm, mountain climbing, light, fishing, night fishing
Foreign account waterproof coefficient: less than 1000mm
Waterproof coefficient of the bottom account: less than 1000mm
Pole: -
Primer: PE
Inner account: none
Variety: Single single layer

Foreign account: pe aluminum film

Name of Product: Orange First Aid Tent
Specification: 245*157 / 95.45x61.81in.
Material: PE (tear resistant material, can be used repeatedly)
Packing size: 19*1.5*26cm / 7.51x0.59x10.23in
Note: This material can be used repeatedly for a long time. It is not easy to break.
Color: Orange (emergency first aid color)
List: aluminum film tent *1 8 meters long hundred rope *1
1. Use in low-temperature environment to keep your heat from being easily distributed

2. Can be used as a picnic mat

3. The first-aid color is orange, which makes it easier for rescuers to find out that it is one of the wild survival equipment.

4. Emergency cold sleeping bag, can be used as a sleeping bag during rest, isolated from the outside air, to achieve warmth

5. Ultra-thin, easy to collect, easy to carry

6. In the outdoor environment, suitable for field exploration, inspection, tourism, disasters. Easy to carry, small, beautiful and practical.

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