Magnetic Window Cleaner

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Take the Pain out of cleaning Window panes with the Magnetic Window Cleaner!

Keeping the outside of your windows clean can be a tedious even dangerous job especially if you live in a multi-storey home. it would usually involve tall ladders, or long hoses with special nozzles just to get those windows cleaned.Things that may make you hire someone else to clean it and cost you even more money.

With the Magnetic Window Cleaner you can clean any window in your home faster, safer and hassle-free. This clever device uses magnets to stay secure on the outer side of the window and lets you clean it while safely being inside your house.


  • Package includes (1) Plastic Separator that protect squeegees while not in use
  • Package includes (2) cloth rags
  • Magnetic Window Cleaner has 4 squeegees for a thorough cleaning in one swipe
  • Easy to use
  • Constructed from durable ABS plastic

The Magnetic Window Cleaner has rare earth magnets which keeps it magnetism for a very long time. It's these same magnets which secures the cleaner firmly onto your window pane. And best of all it comes with a lanyard so you don't lose the Magnetic WIndow Cleaner if it gets accidentally knocked off the window while in use.

This is a must have for every home, the perfect gift to those living in condomiums and apartments. Clean your outer windows without ladders, hoses and craning yourself out of the window. Do it safer and faster with the Magnetic Window Cleaner. GET YOURS NOW!!

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