Kimurai™ Royal Stainless Steel Japanese Mandoline Slicer

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“See Why Luxury Japanese Chefs Choose THIS Slicing Machine!”

  • Slice Through Food Like Tissue Paper
  • Cut Your Food Preparation Time in Half
  • Barely Use Any Energy at All
  • Ergonomic Grip Prevents Annoying Hand Cramps
  • Tough Stainless Steel Blades Lasts Decades



  • 4 adjustable thickness settings for each cutting option
  • Integrated slicing system no need to change blades
  • Hand guard glides in rails covering blades during cutting
  • Non-slip feet help it stay put while you cut
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stainless steel
  • BPA free

An absolute kitchen necessity, the Kimurai Professional Mandoline is built for strength and simplicity, while always keeping safety in mind. Extremely versatile, the Kimurai Professional Mandoline can slice, julienne or waffle cut anything from delicious potato gratins to delicate julienned carrots.


The stainless steel blade assembly features an adjustment knob that allows you to seamlessly change between the built-in slicing blades and the waffle cutting blades.

With just a simple turn of the wrist, you can easily go from thinly sliced zucchini to thick cut waffle fries. This ingenious integrated blade design means you'll never have to worry about losing blades or parts ever again.


The Kimurai professional mandoline also offers four options of slicing thickness, as well as an extra-wide, stainless steel slicing deck and a hinged finger guard that steadfastly secures foods for slicing.

When you're ready to store the mandolin slicer, just fold-in the non-skid feet and it will easily slide into a drawer or fit on a shelf.

A quick, easy way to prepare veggies and fruits, the Kimurai features four slicing thicknesses, a durable stainless steel slicing deck and a stable, nonslip base that keeps the mandoline from sliding during use.

Thanks to integrated, multi-function blades and handy controls, changing from julienning to slicing or adjusting slice thickness is as simple as turning a knob. An included hand guard snaps onto guide rails for safe, stable slicing.


See What Our Customers Have to Say!

What I liked most was the adjustable blade

"What I liked most was the adjustable blade, you just dial in the thickness that you want, much better than having to change blades.and the blade was sharp, I did 5 pounds of skin on potatoes and they went through the blade almost like a hot knife through butter. And it is very well made, sturdy and a good value."

- Danielle A.

  Really worked well. Perfect

"We had an older slicer, which at every opportunity would try and make one finger less. It also had separate blades you needed to change for different cuts and horrible to store away. The Kimurai is so safe, the adjustable blade locks away, as well as everything else.

Easy to store, easy to use. Excellent product

I would recommend this product to a friend.

- Lynn S.

  Really does a good job

"Held off purchasing a mandoline as virtually all of them are "fiddly" to work with and have multiple attachments and are often plastic. The kimurai was exactly what I was longing for and I was not disappointed - all attachments are built in, they can be changed with a simple selection button and it folds away for storage. Naturally, it is made of steel and not plastic so it will have a long, if not unending life."

Shelly Besancon

  Excellent too

"This is an excellent mandoline - and well worth the price. It's easy to use and the blade is sharp so be sure to use the safely feature! Have been making veggies crisps endlessly - butternut, beetroot & sweet potato - delicious. Really happy with this purchase. Thanks Buzz Presents"

- Cameron G.

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We're so sure you'll love your Kimurai™ Mandoline, you have a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't.


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