Flexible Snake Selfie Stick

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As simple as it may look, the Snake Selfie Stick is the most versatile tripod mount. It is bendable, flexible and lightweight. Can be used on a bike, handlebar, roll bar, motorcycle, car headrest, table, tree etc. Works with all smartphones. An irreplaceable thing for photos and video cameras is good fasteners. Our fasteners are universal, it can be flexed and twisted for 360. Never was the shooting so comfortable and quality as with this selfie stick. Attach, turn as you need and the entire tripod is ready. No cumbersome, inconvenient devices!

 For Iphones, Android, AND GO PRO


Make sure to get your Bluetooth remote to take full advantage



Extraordinary DESIGN – The 360 degree turn on this bendy Snake Selfie Stick guarantees 360 degree shooting viewpoint. Strong mounting connections worked for any situations and climate conditions

STRONG BUILD & WIDE RANGE COMPATIBILITY – It is compatible with any bracket, holder or mount with a universal standard ¼’’ – 20 thread hole. 

LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE – Weighing very little and with compact size, it’s no inconvenience to pack our tripod for your vacation or short trip. Transport it to the area of shooting easily, place it on the most anomalous ground, attach your camera or smartphone and begin

USE IT ANYWHERE – Snake Selfie Stick can be used in a car, as a selfie stick, as a standard tripod, as versatile mount for any extreme sport for your GoPro or simply for any kind of traveling or even vlogging





Weight (g): 100

Folded Length (mm): 100

Use: Video camera

Max Extended Length (mm): 410

Material: High-quality metal and silicon rubber

Max Length: 41 cm

Weight: 120 g / Lightweight and easy to carry

Color: Light yellow


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