Advanced Fitness Resistance Bands

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Don't have enough time to go outside and exercise? No time for the gym sometimes? What about exercising efficiently from the comfort of your home? Our Fitness resistance Band can help you to do your exercises at home without straining yourself.

3 Quality Features About Our Fitness Resistance Bands:

  • Function: Exercise efficiently and protect yourself from straining to hard or worrying about body, back, or muscle pains. Excellent workout for arms, abdomen, waist, legs and back. 
  • Portable: Made with a durable, lightweight foam that will travel anywhere you go. Take it to the gym, a hotel, your office or anywhere you want to get some extra exercise. 
  • Durable & Stable: 4 pieces of strong elastic pull rope make this equipment withstand all conditions and last a lifetime.


Our Fitness Resistance Bands Also Offer Even More Features:

  • 100% brand new with high quality, product is made of environmental friendly, recycled foam, and tube is made of NBR.
  • Non-Toxic foam wrapped handle to avoid slippage and strain from excessive heat, and moisture.
  • Workout in the privacy of your home, hotel room, office, or even outdoors. Workouts for Arms, Legs and Back, and seated exercises. Improves Stretching and Flexibility.
  • Training with resistance bands is great for rehabilitative exercises, fat loss, building muscle, but also prevent of getting cervical spine and lumbar pain, and maintaining a healthy body for you.
  • Ideal for toning & strengthening stomach, waist and legs, arms, hips, thighs and works on the tummy at the same time.

Product Information:

  • size: 18.9 X 10.2 X 4.7 inches (Stretchable Length: 56.7 inches). 48 X 25.9 X  11.9 cm (Stretchable: 144 cm).
  • Color: Purple.

Package Includes:

1 X Fitness resistance Band


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