Universal Face Mask Breather

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Everyone Should Use Face Masks... But Everyone Needs Comfort!

Face Masks can be irritating, uncomfortable, and a nuisance, however we wear them to keep our loved ones, friends, and each other safe.

Sometimes we run into minor problems:

  • Lenses fog up with regular prescription glasses, sunglasses, or safety glasses
  • Makeup and lipstick can smear or wear off
  • Sensitive skin can be irritated causing rashes or acne
  • Difficulty in Breathing through certain fabrics



1. Three-dimensional support: This mask holder is very three-dimensional, allowing the nose to breathe more smoothly, avoiding problems such as stuffiness and allergies.

2. Ergonomic design: This mask holder adopts 3D three-dimensional support and is designed according to the curve of the face, which is firm and fit, and can retain more breathing space.

3. Protect makeup: prevent the removal of makeup, the bracket can prevent rubbing lipstick, powder and other cosmetics, providing you with a delicate and comfortable experience.

4. Stability: It is equipped with a buckle, which can be hung firmly on the disposable mask without worrying about slipping.

5. Environmental protection: This mask holder is reusable, easy to support washing, and recyclable.

Color: General
Specification: mask ventilation bracket
Purpose: mask ventilation support
Usage environment: General

Type: dust mask
Material: PE
Weight: 5g / 0.17oz
Mask style: adult mask inner support
Protection level: normal
Breathing valve device: None
Function: support
Filtering effect: General
Executive standard: routine
Scope of application: general purpose
Series: mask holder
Packing: opp
Size: 100 * 85 * 47mm / 3.9x3.3x1.8in.
How to wear: endo
Color: transparent
Specification: Adult
Gas and steam protection: General
Types of gases and vapors: conventional
Protection against oily particles: routine
Nose clip: routine

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