DeWrinkler Fabric Softening Dryer Balls - 2Pcs

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Get Wrinkle-Free Clothes without Ironing with the help of these Magical DeWrinkler Fabric Softening Dryer Balls!

The Wrinkle Remover Dryer Ball is the all-in-one clothing dryer tool that steams, freshens, and presses your clothing and laundry while drying! Dryer Balls are the fastest way to get wrinkles out without getting the iron out. Within seconds, this reusable rubber ball will be releasing the perfect amount of steam on your clothes for Freshening & Making them WRINKLE free. 
  • Dryer balls decrease wrinkles, creases, static cling, and tangling of all fabrics in the dryer.
  • The special nodules on the balls massage the garments to soften the clothes, and also reduce lint and wrinkling.
- A natural alternative to fabric softeners
- Dryer balls cut waste and reduce the need for chemicals
- Utilize the power of steam to remove wrinkles and creases
- Reduces drying time, decreases your energy bills and SAVE Money.
- Easy to use and re-usable.

How to Use:
- Simply fill with ordinary tap water
- Place inside your household dryer with the rest of your clothes
- Start your regular drying sequence.

So, The DeWrinkler Fabric Softening Dryer Balls DO IT ALL for YOU!
No Irons!
No Dryer Sheets!
No Fabric Softeners!
SAVE your Valuable TIME and MONEY.