Desktop ultra-thin aluminum alloy wireless fast charging

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Desktop ultra-thin aluminum alloy wireless fast charging input parameters: 5 (V) 

Type; wireless charging
Charging current; 2000 (mA)
Battery type; none
Indication function; with indication function
Interface; Micro USB
Color: black, white

feature of product:

1: 10W high power, compatible with Apple and Android (support Apple 7.5W fast charge, Android 10W fast charge, 5W normal charge)

Two: Low temperature and high efficiency, not hot when charging.

Three: Foreign body detection, safer charging (intelligent recognition of other metal foreign bodies to prevent accidental charging and overheating.)

Four: Sensitive, wear a heavy mobile phone case.

Five: Light and thin aluminum alloy technology, high-gloss mirror decorative ring, strong metal feeling, surface treatment with multiple materials, environmental protection and more comfortable.

Six: The bottom non-slip rubber pad, effectively avoids sliding during charging.

12 CM / 4.7 IN

Seven: Intelligent breathing iris, automatic recognition of the charging status (after power on, the blue light first then the green light, the blue light flashes slowly when charging, and the blue and green lights cross flashing when not working.)

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