Cabinet light sensor light with soft light with waterproof led light bar

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Motion Sensor Light LED Strip USB Waterproof Under Cabinet Light Tape DC 5V PIR LED Lamp Ribbon LED TV Backlight Indoor Lighting 


* Voltage: DC 5V

Sensing Distance: 0 - 5 m / 0 - 16.4FT

Waterproof: Yes (IP65)

* LED Type: SMD 2835

* Length: 50cm-21.6IN / 1m - 3.28FT / 2m - 6.56FT / 3m - 9.84FT / 4m - 13.12FT / 5m - 16.4FT

* Light Color: Warm White/ Cold White

* Color temperature: White (6000K-6500K); Warm White( 2700K-3500K)

* Power Generation: Motion

* Beam Angle: 180 degrees

* Usage: with 3M strong adhesive paper on the back, it can be easily pasted

* Dimmable: Three Adjustable Brightness

* Power Supply: USB Powered

* Working modes:  “ON” and “PIR”

When you press the button, the Red Light will be ON, the LED Strip will always keep light ON. When you press the button again, the Red Light will be OFF, it will be turned "PIR" mode.



* The outer layer of the light strip is transparent, clear and smooth. It is preferably environmentally friendly high-transparency latex, insulating plastic, high light transmittance, strong flexibility and safer. The material properties of the soft rubber make the lamp belt flexible and can be bent, folded and wound, which easily outlines the flowing linear light art.

* Three modes: constant light mode and PIR sensing mode (day mode, night mode)
With high-precision light control technology, when the day mode is turned on, the light strip is not affected by light. Whether it is day or night, the light strip senses that the human body will automatically light up. When the night mode is turned on, the light strip can only be lit in the dark.

* The 3M double-sided tape on the back of the lamp belt can be directly and quickly pasted.

* High color rendering LED chip, select high quality 2835SMD LED chip, high color rendering, low light decay, durable.

* Anti-dead beads design, one LED lamp bead is not bright, other lamp beads are normally illuminated, unaffected.

* Fully sealed and waterproof technology, it can be used in a variety of environments, safer and more durable.

* Safety copper core wire, good electrical conductivity, fast heat dissipation, stable and safe.

* Intimate tailoring lines to meet the length you want, you can arrange your ideas as you wish.


* Home Decor: Light strips can be hidden in mirrors, ceilings, walls, floors, curtains, bookshelves, shelves or wardrobes in the dark trough, outline the space, enrich the layering of the space, give space to the beauty of the temperature in the dark, Make you feel warm and comfortable.

* Commercial use: It can be used in bar counters, shop cabinets, KTV scenes, setting off the texture of goods and creating an atmosphere. The contrast between the light and dark of the space and the holistic environment of the light environment is enhanced, and the spatial texture is more layered.

Order number; USB sensor light strip

Type; LED strip
Model; USB sensor strip
Input voltage; 5 (V)
Number of LED lamp beads; 60 (pieces / meter)
Single lamp bead; 22 (lm)
Beam angle; 140 (degrees)
Dimmable; no
Effective life; 10000 (H)
Size; 150 * 200 (mm)

Special service; USB smart sensor

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