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Here's How To Get Bikini Bottoms In Just 4 Weeks!

  • BUILD, LIFT & TONE - Isolates glute muscles & rapidly develops a firm & lifted butt, 5 minutes/day in 30 Days!

  • CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY - Variable Resistance SmartBand® makes the glutes exert maximum effort for best results

  • CONVENIENT & VERSATILE - Take it anywhere & get results as if you're working out in the gym!

  • COMMERCIAL GRADE EXERCISE BANDS - Double dipped natural latex tubing with 3 types of resistance.

  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN - Neoprene pads in each foot strap for added comfort & productivity.

  • TARGET OTHER MUSCLES - Shape your glutes while strengthening your abs & legs too!

  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL - Belt is adjustable & fits up to a 42" waist. 

Get your perfect booty! Takes just 5 minutes per day for 30 days!

See rapid results...noticeable effect in 7 days, incredible results in 30 days! Our Booty Builder  lifts and tones all three gluteal muscles - Maximus, Medius & Minimus - to help quickly develop a firm, round & perky butt. 

Designed by experts...endorsed by athletes & celebrities...

The Booty Builder hit the market after hundreds of trials. Today it has been dubbed as "the ultimate butt builder".It is also recognized by popular magazines, TV shows and Hollywood celebrities!

The Secret is in the Variable Resistance SmartBand® Technology

The elastic cables of Booty Builder are made of commercial-grade latex rubber. They have been lab tested to determine reliable weight-resistance levels that isolate and target the gluteal muscles.

As you activate the glutes to extend the thighs, the cables adapt & vary the resistance throughout the entire range of motion. This makes the glutes exert maximum effort, building and sculpting them in record time.

Use the belt ANYWHERE with no need to go to the gym

Easily pack and carry Booty Builder with you at the office, on holiday or in the car, so you can have it everywhere you go! 

Why spend tons of money on gym membership, pills and expensive equipment when you can get reliable results by spending only 5 minutes a day! 


  • Color: Red/Blue

  • Material: Latex/PP/SBR

  • Waist Belt Size: 117*5 CM

  • Ankle Strap Size: 40*5CM

  • Latex Tube Dia: 1 CM (red) / 1.2 CM (blue)

  • Latex Tube Circumference: 100 cm

  • Tensile Strength: 30 lb (red) / 40 lb (blue)

  • Weight: 335-350g

Package Includes:
1 X Booty Builder
1 X Carry Bag 



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