We know. There's an app for that. Using your smart phone is great, but lets make it easier. With the MUAMA™ Enence® you can talk to anyone, anywhere. Speak in over 40 different languages using AI technology that will learn dialects, accents, and contexts rapidly without having to wait. Keep track of your conversations in speech and in text with the MUAMA™ Enence® app on your device on the go with the power of Bluetooth. (Available on the App Store and Google Play.)

Simple and Easy to Use

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Download the MUAMA™ App

Use the ME button to Speak, release to hear yourself translated.

Press the Microphone button to hear another person, release to hear them translated in your language.

Engineered for You

The MUAMA™ Enence® Is slim, sturdy, and comfortable. With a 3.7V 750mA Rechargeable Battery, you can expect to use this handy translator for hours with out having to recharge.


Super Handy!

I was originally just looking for a live translating app besides google translate and came across MUAMA. Then I saw that this little device is available. I ordered it, and it works great. My wife and I plan to visit her family in Honduras after New Years, and this will be extra handy. I can even have video calls with my Mother-in-Law and this gizmo works perfectly and we can talk to each other! Now I just have to get one for her!

-George Chambers, IL

Sounds Great... Works Perfect

At first I expected this thing to be one of those cheesy sounding robot voices. It actually has different voices and accents. Pretty cool because I was definitely surprised how much this little thing can handle.

-Lisa Hao, CA

Works when I am on the Phone

I have a small landscaping company and during the summers I offer jobs to local kids who are still learning English. Now when I call to check up on them, I bust out this bad boy and it will translate the phone call. I am really happy I came across this little tool.

-Hank Strothers, TX

Thank you!
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