Tactical™ Ultra-Bright Flashlight

The Tool You Need... When You Least Expect It!

Did you know there is a 95% chance you'll be in a car accident someday?

Forget about, "If that happens, then..."

It's when. Be Prepared.

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Fast Recharge with Any USB

You can fast charge using the included micro-USB cord if you have electricity. Use it to plug your Tactical™ Flashlight into your computer, USB car charger or wherever you charge your phone.

Charge for FREE Using the Sun

Your Tactical™ Flashlights are rechargeable – you can drain them down and charge them up thousands of times. But you don’t need electricity or batteries.

Every Tactical™ has a 50 mAh solar panel built right into the handle. Not to mention, the battery inside the Tactical™ is ultra-powerful (2000 mAh)2 and ultra-safe. You’ll always have power as long as you have the sun.

Even More Awesome Features:

Seatbelt & Rope Splitter

A razor-sharp edge rips through cordage and rope

Glass-Breaking Hammer

Hardened-steel tip to get out when every second counts

Rugged Compass

Stay pointed in a safe direction

The Tactical™ flashlight has an integrated magnet allowing you can stick it to the frame of your car, or to on your breaker box when a fuse trips. Hang it on your fridge so it’s within reach in a blackout.

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