Travel Easy™ Pet Seat Covers

Pets Love to Travel Too!

Our pets should be extra comfy everywhere we take them. Travel Easy™ Seat Covers will protect you seats, but more importabtly keep your pets happy and comfortable for the whole ride!

Cushioned for Comfort

Our Travel Easy™ Pet Seat Covers are made of a durable Oxford Insulated cloth. For extra protection, Travel Easy™ has a rugged rubber padding which works great for leather seats.

Keep Everyone Safe

We understand that our pets aren't our only passengers. Travel Easy™ Pet Seat Covers are fitted specifically to make sure that all seatbelts are totally accessible. Forget about vacuuming hairs or worrying about accidents. Travel Easy™ Pet Seats are 100% Waterproof, protecting your seats from everything that could potentially ruin your seats.

Even More Awesome Features:

Quick to install in any car.
Zipper design allows your pet to get in and out easily.
The material is 100% waterproof oxford fabric, which is also available with rugged grip reinforcement.
Easy maintenance

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