Nakiri Knife™ - Authentic Hand Forged Japanese Chef Knife Made With Serbian Sarschach Steel

A Ruthlessly Sharp & Durable Knife That's Guaranteed To Last A Lifetime!

This heavy-duty Japanese chef's knife is all you need to feel like a champion in the kitchen or in the outdoors.

Master your cooking creations with the right to to get the right job done, everytime.


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Uniquely Forged

The Nakiri Knife™ is made with hardened carbon steel which makes it so durable that you can even use it to cut through wood. It’s intense sharpness is sure to last many years unlike conventional chef knives. The blade itself shows it’s true ruggedness which comes from the repeated hammering process and hours of labor placed into each Nakiri Knife™.

Get a Hold of the BEST Knife Ever Made!

This hand forged Japanese Chef knife will make you feel like a seasoned chef in your kitchen. The Nakiri Knife™ has a rugged and sleek design that's sure to be the next conversation piece at every gathering, barbecue or outdoor camping event. Make sure you know the story behind the Nakiri Knife™ so that you can really put on a show with this masterpiece.

Even More Awesome Features:

Sharpness: Natural knife grinders and repeated hammering blacksmith techniques have insured maximum long lasting sharpness

Hand Forged: This exclusive knife was forged by hand and heat treated using Japanese blacksmithing techniques

Blade: The durable and resistant blade will stay tough and easily stand the test of time due to it’s Serbian Sarschach hammered steel.

Robust & Durable Handle: full-tang & ergonomically designed. Moisture, heat & impact resistant

Versatility: Can be used to slice through anything in the kitchen and the outdoors

Durability: The HRC60 steel used is superior to the customary materials used with mechanical manufacturing of knives.

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