Collapsible Laptop Desk Cooling Bracket

Adjustable, Collapsible, and Durable

This Laptop Stand will provide you with full control and flexibility to adjust to your comfort for working to reduce neck and shoulder stress. You can use it as an adjustable standing desk, or as a laptop desk for bed. No more neck pains from awkward and uncomfortable positions.

Keep it Cool

Your stand has built in cooling fans that can be connected via USB to ensure that your machines stays cool.

Work as longer with less lag and overheating.

Work in Your Comfort Zone

Use Your Stand Anywhere:

At your Desk

On Your Couch

Your Favorite Chair

Road Trips

At the Airport and on Flights

Anywhere you need to send an email or work on your projects!

Even More Awesome Features:

This Stand for your computer but it's also universal! You can also use it as:
  • -TV Dinner Tray
  • -Projector Table
  • -Standing Desk
  • -Book Tray
  • -Writing Desk
  • -Tablet Holder
  • -Standing Desk/Stand Up Desk

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