Remote Control Dinosaurs

Remote Control Dinosaurs

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Remote Control Dinosaurs Electric Robot Sound Light Toy Excavation Jurassic Animals T Rex Educational Toys for Children Boys

The legendary T-rex is stepping out of the Cretaceous period and into your living room!

►High-Performance Experience - This dinosaur toy can move forward/backward, turn right/left, shake the head, 360-degree rotation stunt with flashlight and roar sounds.

►One Key Demo - At the push of a button, the dinosaur will automatically perform the specific perfect actions.

►Vivid Lights and Roar Sounds - At the push of a button, the dinosaur can make vivid light and transform several kinds of sounds.

►Long Playing Time - Equipped with a rechargeable 4.8V,400mAh battery, 2 hours charging time will last up to 15 minutes non-stop operation. With USB charge cable.


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